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By John Swartz

Tuesday,December 30, 2014 6:56:48 EST PM


Finally, last weekend, I went to Midland to see an exhibit at Quest Gallery. John Kokkinos's Digital Labyrinth is interesting at first glance. Then I read the artist’s statement and faced the paintings again. It was one of those moments of revelation.

Kokkinos was trying to realize what he thought the flow of digital information surrounding us everywhere would look like if we could see it. If you are at all familiar with sine waves, sound waves and massive telephony wiring, you will see right away he has captured something unique.

Not only that, but his technical mastery of craft is outstanding and has some creative touches I haven’t seen before. I’ve been to many shows of new art in many galleries here, and in larger centers (some of those I thought amateurish), and this exhibit is by far the best I’ve seen in more than a decade.

It’s up until Jan. 10. When you go, read his statement (it’s immediately to the left of the doorway) before you start to investigate his paintings and maybe you’ll see the genius of his work, as I did.


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